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October 15, 2020

Thanks to all applicants that participated in #ENTSignaling. As a partner with you in this new venture, we wish to share with you some early statistics.

No otolaryngology program opted out of participation in signaling.

This year 558 applicants submitted signals. Let’s put this in historical context.
  • The below graph is modified from Bowe et al.1 Data used to create the graph was used to calculate the following statistics.
  • The number of otolaryngology applicants (pre-SOAP) received by ERAS for Match 2020 was 569.
  • The greatest number of otolaryngology applicants (pre-SOAP) occurred in 2014 (572).
  • The mean number of otolaryngology applicants (pre-SOAP) over the last decade 2010-2020 was 496.
  • If you remove the unusual drop in otolaryngology applicants faced by our specialty in 2016, 2017, and 2018, the mean number of pre-SOAP applicants was 531.
Take away: the number of signaling applicants for this cycle is lower than the number of applicants in Match 2020. The number of signaling applicants to otolaryngology this year is above the mean number of applicants to otolaryngology over the last decade. We acknowledge that the number of signaling applicants may undercount the final total number of applicants, but we don’t anticipate this to be too discrepant.


  1. Bowe SN, Roy S, Chang CWD. Otolaryngology Match Trends: Considerations for Proper Data Interpretation. Otolaryngol Neck Surg. 2020(2):185-187. doi:10.1177/0194599820923611.